Important Stats

Important Stats & Trends (Overview of the Market)

  • The entire real estate market has taken hits in recent years (everybody knows it).
  • Global economic uncertainty caused flattening of the market in the first half of 2012.
  • Year-over-year growth has dropped: first half of 2012 was 130.7%; in 2013 only 3.7%.
  • Economic recovery seemed imminent in 2012, because transaction numbers were up, driven by REITs and distressed deals.
  • Sales volume reached nearly $64 billion in 2012, a 22% increase from 2011; highest annual total since 2004.

Industrial Important Stats & Trends (Overview of the Market)

  • Vacancy rates expected to fall by .4% from 2013 to 2014.
  • Office rents expected to increase 2.8% in 2014—after progressively bigger increases since 2012.
  • As office employment rises, so will the demand for buildings. Decline in vacancy is expected to result in a 2.6% increase in rents.


  • Retailers still are wary of uncertain growth in consumer spending, so this sector has shown only moderate improvement.
  • Online expansion has made retailers cautious about expanding brick and mortar stores.
  • Vacancy did decline in 2012, but so did effective rents. Key markets (mostly big cities) are unlikely to return to pre-recession levels in the medium term

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