Tenant FAQ

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What will a broker cost me? 

Tenants rarely pay for real estate brokerage services. Brokers are compensated by landlords in the form of a commission that is either a percentage of the total leasehold rent or a factor of the square footage leased. Landlords recognize the value that a broker brings from introducing their building to the prospective tenant, and since the landlord is the beneficiary of the lease income stream, it is customary that he compensate the broker for the transaction.

What can I expect from a commercial real estate broker’s services? 

Some brokers work exclusively with tenants (called “Tenant Representation” specialists), while others may also lease or sell buildings, and perform other functions (called “Real Estate Generalists”). Brokers may choose to focus on a particular product, such as office, retail, or industrial. All brokers must be licensed and in good standing in the state in which they work, which can often be verified by online inquiry or phone call to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission

There are specific areas that can be negotiated prior to signing a leasing agreement.  These could include but not limited to the following:

  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Common area maintenance

There are other areas that can also be negotiated to save a tenant significant money either in the near term or over the life of the lease:

  • Free rent
  • Tenant improvements i.e. carpet, paint, build-outs, etc
  • Parking spots

If you have any other questions regarding leasing commercial real estate please feel free to contact us.