Buyer Tips

Helping You Grow: Your Future

At Greenleaf Properties we know that people looking to buy commercial real estate come from all sorts of different backgrounds. Some are looking to make their first investment in the commercial market while others are looking to add to an impressive real estate portfolio.  No matter your situation, the experienced brokers at Greenleaf Properties look forward to helping you meet your goals.  To help you achieve those goals we’ve put together this list of tips to give you some insight and issues to think about as you move forward.

  • Know the market and complete due diligence on each property
  • Look for areas that show steady or growing occupation levels
  • Major tenants will pay more for efficient design layouts, green technology and features. An upfront investment in this area can pay dividends in the long run
  • Areas grounded in energy and tech industries show the most near-term growth
  • Areas anchored by major educational or medical institutions show the most long-term stability
  • If you’re investing in a location outside of a market you’re an expert in, partner with experts in the local market
  • If the property you’re looking at will require any build-out or additional construction get all approvals before committing
  • If the property you’re looking at will require any build-out or additional construction get referrals for architects in advance
  • Ask about any special zoning requirements and the option of variances
  • Inquire whether architectural drawing are required for any building modifications
  • Find out if there are any code violations or outstanding liens, utility bills or taxes on the property

No matter what your goals are it’s always good to have a knowledgeable resource available to help you make the right decision and manage the buying process.  If you’re looking at buying commercial real estate give the professionals at Greenleaf Properties a call.